Volunteers are a tremendous resources for running a conference.

We could not do what we do without the support and assistance of a crew of volunteers.

We appreciate your time in helping us make Innovation in Teaching and Learning Conferences a success!


We have plenty of volunteers right now. We will sort through the submissions and let you know if you've been selected as a volunteer.

Volunteer Tasks

We'll be setting up around 7:00 a.m. in the morning. We'll need a few volunteers to help with the following tasks:

  • Set up tables and chairs in atrium
  • Move existing tables and chairs out of the way
  • Move plants out of the way in the atrium
  • Place extension cords/power strips in key locations
  • Assist with signage
  • Other duties as needed

The Registration table will primarily be staffed with members of CAFE to take care of registration needs. However, it would be nice for a volunteer to help out and give one of them a break throughout the day. Most of the registration activity will be prior to the keynote speaker, though a few late arrivals may trickle in after that. 

Duties include:

  • Check-in all attendees
    • We’ll have a laptop/spreadsheet that you can use for this purpose
  • Hand-out gift bags to attendees
  • Hand-out presenter gifts to presenters
  • Hand out parking passes as needed
  • Direct traffic
  • Answer questions
  • Other duties as needed

Room Moderators are the most important volunteers for ITLC and have the most complicated job. 

A convener or host for a breakout session has an important role to play in managing the session. As detailed below, moderator duties will be a bit different based on whether or not the session is a virtual/online session or face-to-face.

Our conference is a BLENDED conference. This means that some sessions will be offered in face-to-face mode only, some will have a face-to-face presenter, but will be available to online attendees, and some will have a virtual presenter, but will be viewable by face-to-face participants. The Schedule page and the Abstracts page both indicate the mode of the presentation. Pay very close attention to the modes of the presentations in the rooms you are assigned to moderate!

In order to be a Room Moderator, you will need to have proficiency with the following tasks:

  • Connecting to Zoom (Zoom room information will be provided in each BCH room)
  • Managing participants in Zoom and assigning roles, such as assigning co-hosts, if necessary.
  • Sharing screens via Zoom.
  • Recording via Zoom.
  • Managing Chat via Zoom.
  • Assisting others with connecting to Zoom.


  • Welcome the presenter to the session.
    • Ask if they would like to be introduced or if they are OK with providing their own introduction.
  • Note the number of attendees (in-person attendees only - online participants will be captured in the Zoom recording.
  • Encourage attendees to fill out survey form: https://cafe.mst.edu/itlc/survey
  • Face-to-Face Presenter Session
    • Presenters may wish to use their own laptops or devices. There should be a laptop cable provided for this purpose, but Mac users may need to supply their own adapter (we should have a few at the Registration desk).
      • If using their own device, presenters should still connect to the Zoom meeting so that they can share their screen with online and face-to-face attendees through the podium computer (which is also on Zoom).
    • Ensure presenter has a fresh bottle of water.
    • Assist presenter with using the technology in the room. 
    • All rooms in BCH are equipped with a campus standard level of technology including projectors, a document camera, and a Windows-based computer. 
  • Online Presenter Session
    • Manage the Zoom environment by muting non-presenters (if necessary), removing disruptive participants, and otherwise managing the participants in the Zoom room.
    • Also be sure presenter is able to share their content and that they are able to be heard by the audience.
  • Keep track of time for the presenter.
    • For in-person presenters, a set of cards is provided.
    • For online presenters, a simple targeted chat to the presenter should warn them when time is nearing the end.
    • Provide a 5-minute and 1-minute indicator when time is running out. 
  • Moderate the questions for the presenters.
    • For in-person presenters, you may need to repeat the question loudly to ensure that the question is captured on the recording.
    • For online presenters, you will need to monitor the chat and check to see if the “raise hand” icon is being used by attendees to ask a question. Make sure questions are brought to the attention of the presenter.


  • BCH 101, BCH 115, and BCH 216 are used for "hands-on workshop" sessions. 
    • Each Hands-on Workshop session lasts TWO time slots. 
    • Hands-on Workshops are NOT recorded via Zoom and are ONLY available to face-to-face attendees.
  • BCH 124 and BCH 213 have both been assigned for Learning Stack sessions.
    • Learning Stack sessions involve TWO sessions per time slot (15-20 minutes each). 
    • BCH 213 will only have Learning Stack sessions for the first two time slots of the afternoon (12:15 and 1:15). After that, the remaining time slots (2:15) will be standard 45-minute sessions.
  • Each room in BCH has been assigned a designated Zoom meeting room.
    • You will be assigned as the alternate host for one of the rooms. 
    • You will need to sign in to your Zoom account and then start the meeting at around 12:00 p.m.
    • You will NOT need to close the meeting between sessions! You can simply leave it open for the duration of the afternoon and manage the presenters/attendees as they enter and leave.
    • The rooms are configured to record to the cloud automatically. CAFE will slice and dice the recordings after the conference is over for later distribution.

Prior to the keynote speaker, we'll need a couple of volunteers to take shifts standing at the entrance to the main parking lot. Shifts are generally around 30 minutes or so. Parking attendants are only needed until about lunchtime or so.

Your tasks will be as follows:

  • Welcome guests to the conference
  • Hand out parking passes as needed
  • Direct attendees to BCH

We'll have need for a few general volunteer assistants to help out.

If you are not assigned to a particular role (e.g., parking attendant), then your tasks will include, but are not limited to:

  • Generally keeping the place tidy
  • Directing traffic between breaks and at lunch
  • Providing presenters with fresh water at each breakout session
  • Emptying trash bins when they get too full
  • Answering questions or contacting event coordinators for questions
  • Other duties as needed

We'll need a few volunteers to help us tear down the conference at the end of the day.

  • Remove tables and chairs from atrium
  • Replace the normal BCH furniture to its regular location
  • Make sure plants are in regular location
  • Remove extension cords / power strips
  • Remove signage
  • Clean up any remaining trash
  • Empty trash bins
  • Generally tidy up after ourselves. Leave the BCH exactly as we found it, if not better!
  • Other duties as needed