Teaching Resources

Don't know how to layout your course? Need a template to start your syllabus? What about how to explain Academic Integrity? We have compiled resources you can use in your course to communicate with your students.

Course Organization: Module-Based Course Templates

This Canvas export file can be uploaded into any Canvas Course Shell or Sandbox. The video links below will walk you through the value of course organization and how to import this export file into your course. NOTE: If you get a message that asks how you would like to open or save the file - choose SAVE (make note of where on your system the file is saved.)

This export file can be used to import up to 16 weeks of modules into your course. In other words, this will work for a 16-week course, an 8-week course, or a 4-week course. The resources below will walk you through the import process:


Scholars' Mine

Scholars' Mine is an online collection of scholarly and creative works produced by the faculty, staff, and students of the Missouri University of Science and Technology. This digital repository is a service of Missouri S&T Library and Learning Resources.



Provided is a basic syllabus template that includes recommended, regularly updated, syllabus sections and information about student services. Please feel free to download the template and alter it according to your needs.


Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity is an important issue in higher education. But, how do you explain the importance of academic integrity to your students? Do they even know exactly what it is? We can't assume that all students have the same understanding of this complex topic. 

Here are some resources to help you communicate with your students, so you are all working from the same understanding.

Don't forget Missouri S&T's Academic Support page about Student Resources for Academic Integrity, this page includes a link to the Missouri S&T Honor Code as well as definitions of Academic Integrity.