Student Evaluation of Teaching

The Committee for Effective Teaching a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate has oversight over all SET-related issues. For answers to questions related to SETs or the SET process please contact a member of the Committee for Effective Teaching.

An intercampus faculty council of the UM System compiled a report in 2018, on evaluating classroom-based, online, blended, and laboratory teaching interactions, which can be found in the Evaluating Teaching IFC Policy Paper, June 2018.

Questions about the SET process or SET data should be directed to the Committee for Effective Teaching.

NOTE: The results for SETs can be retrieved HERE - the Evaluation Administration site. Results for a specific semester may not be visible if your course had a low number of responses.

Frequently Asked Questions about the SET Process

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for Course Evaluations curated by the Committee for Effective Teaching. 

For further information, contact a member of the CET committee.

Mid-Semester Feedback

The Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence offers a mid-semester feedback service. This gives instructors a sense of how they and their students are performing in the classroom. It can be an invaluable tool because instructors then have time to adjust their teaching to better meet their students' needs and improve the course learning outcomes. Find out more about mid-semester feedback here