Thanks to everyone who has submitted a proposal to present!

We'll be reviewing the presentations over the next several weeks.

We usually let submitters know if a proposal has been accepted sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you don't hear back from us by mid-December, feel free to drop us a line at

We look forward to seeing you present in March 2022!

Session Types

  • Standard Session
  • "Learning Stack" Session
  • Virtual Session
  • Hands-On Workshop

Standard Session

A “standard session” is a 45-minute breakout session presentation. 

"Learning Stack" Session

A “Learning Stack” session is a shorter presentation (15-20 minutes) where you will present a brief overview of strategies, techniques, methods, innovations, or tools that have helped you encourage and motivate learning in your teaching environment (K – 12, community college, higher education, etc.). Audience Q & A will be encouraged, so please keep your presentations concise and to the point! 

Multiple “Learning Stack” sessions will take place during the same time slot as a standard session.

Virtual Session

For ITLC, we are offering the opportunity to do a "virtual" session via Zoom. On-site attendees will join you in a classroom. A moderator will facilitate the Zoom meeting room. Virtual sessions are 15-20 minutes. Multiple virtual sessions will take place during the same time slot as a standard session. Virtual slots are limited, so sign up now to present!

Hands-On Workshop

If you have a demonstration that would not fit within our standard session, this is for you. These 1 hour 45-minute sessions are a great way to give a hands-on demonstration about your topic. Audience participation is highly encouraged.