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August 14: Student Learning Assessment for Improvement

August 15: Building Blocks for Course Redesign

August 16: Setting the Tone Through an Effective Syllabus

Aug 14 - Assessing Student Learning for Improvement

As we work to improve student learning and success, the Provost's Office is bringing Dr. Dan McInerney to present an educator workshop on how developing and sharing our learning goals for students can aid in their success. Join us Tuesday, Aug. 14, from 9AM - 12:30PM at the Hasselmann Alumni House, lunch included. Dr. McInerney is a professor of history at Utah State University, a NILOA coach, and a faculty member for more than 20 years.

Aug 15 - Building Blocks for Course Alignment

Courses have a shelf life:  materials need updating, technologies change, and you've grown as an educator over the years. Redesigning your course is a way to ensure that your goals, methods and outcomes for students are aligned and effective. Join educational technology instructional designers on Aug. 15 from 9AM-2PM in 203 Library for this popular workshop. Bring your course materials! Space is limited to 12 people; sign up soon!

Aug 16 - Setting the Tone Through an Effective Syllabus

A course syllabus can be a helpful roadmap that communicates to students your goals for them throughout the course. A clearly written syllabus is a powerful tool for communication between instructors and students and sets the expectations for the class. Join educational technology instructional designers on Thursday, Aug. 16, from 9:30AM - 11AM in HSS 101 for this workshop, a syllabus template, and more. Bring your course materials!