Active Learning Pedagogy

Creativity, gamification, active learning. How do these activities fit into the higher ed classroom? Below are resources from the Innovation in Education workshop series, hosted by CERTI, and other resources about active learning pedagogies:

Entrepreneurial-Minded Learning: the KEEN network provides free workshops and best practices for those who register (for free) on their webiste. 

Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness (CATME) -- an online resource to help you build and assess teams

Versatile Active Learning Strategies

Evidence-Based Teaching Guides on Group Work by CBE-Life Sciences Education

Assessing Active Learning Presentation

Transformative Creativity Workshop Presentation

Innovation in Education PowerPoint Presentation

Innovative Design Framework Booklet

Game Design Canvas

Ideas at Play

Building Functional Teams in the Classroom and Beyond: A Slide Presentation

Videos from Transformative  Creativity Workshop (each about 10 minutes in length)  
Section 1, part 1    Section 2, part 1  Section 3, part 1 Section 4, part 1
Section 1, part 2 Section 2, part 2  Section 3, part 2 Section 4, part 2
Section 1, part 3 Section 2, part 3  Section 3, part 3 Section 4, part 3
Section 1, part 4 Section 2, part 4  Section 3, part 4 Section 4, part 4