CAFE Video Production Services

Recording studio workspace

The Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence offers two levels of video production service to aid instructors in their teaching activities.

Full Production

Instructional developer Victoria Hagni, works with faculty like you to produce professional level videos for your courses. Any type of video that showcases teaching or student learning is what we cover here at CAFE.  These include, but are not limited to: lab demonstration videos, guest lecture series, explainer videos, instructor and module introductions.  

Victoria is available to help you every step of the way from storyboarding, recording, editing, and distributing your videos.

  • Please note, CAFE also showcases different instructors each semester to champion great teaching techniques on our campus.  If you’d like to nominate a faculty member for showcase, please fill out this form.

Self Production

CAFE has a fully equipped production studio open for faculty to reserve each Friday of the semester.  If you wish to produce your own content, Victoria will be available to monitor equipment, while the studio is at your disposal.  You are welcome to record, preview, and edit your own work.  

The eStudio includes

  • 1 green screen
  • 1 tabletop area with 2 chairs
  • 3-point lighting
  • teleprompter and iPad
  • 2 cameras
  • iMac 2015 with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • USB microphone for recording audio to computer

There is no cost to use either level. However, access to these resources may be limited based on CAFE’s availability.

Click one of of the options below if you are interested in our video production services.

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Filming with a DSLR camera


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Editing a video using Premier Pro