Service and Leadership




What Is Important About Service?  A PowerPoint presentation by CAFE for pre-tenure and pre-promotion faculty.

UM System Leadership Development Program

The University of Missouri System Manuel T. Pacheco Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a prestigious program that affirms the vital role of faculty leaders and seeks to enhance their leadership competencies within the academic setting. LDP recognizes that the university's current and emerging faculty leaders define the direction and values of their department and school. In turn, these leaders shape how our university discovers, disseminates, preserves, and applies knowledge. 

Since 2000, the LDP has supported an annual cohort of 30 to 35 academic department chairs, directors, and assistant deans who demonstrate leadership and leadership potential. The LDP program, one of the first of its kind in the country, has persisted even during tough financial times in higher education because of the commitment to the importance of faculty leadership. To date, the program has served nearly 400 academic leaders across the four UM System campuses.

For more information, contact the UM Office of Academic Affairs at (573) 882-6756 or


One portion of Service and Leadership is mentoring. For information on mentoring opportunities provided by CAFE.