• Student Account Setup
  • Student Pricing
  • Lost your clicker?
  • Clicker Problems?

Student Account Setup

  1. Login to Canvas.
  2. Select the Canvas Help and Resoures course. If you do not see this course, click on the Courses link and then the All Courses link.
  3. Click Modules from the left panel.
  4. Click the Turning Account Registration link.
  5. Click the link to open Turning Account.
  6. Enter your university email address (the email address you use to login to Canvas) in the area provided and click Create an account.
  7. Check your email. Click the verification link.
  8. Enter all required fields as noted by the asterisks and click Finish.
  9. If you have a license code and/or device ID enter that information in the appropriate box.
  10. Click Redeem and/or Register.
    1. If you are using TurningPoint mobile instead of a clicker, you are ready to participate in class after you redeem your license code.
    2. You must have a license to participate and receive credit for your responses.
  11. Click Finish.

    The Turning Account Dashboard is displayed. If you have a check mark for License, Device, and Learning Managment System, you are finished. If you are only using TurningPoint mobile, you do not need a check mark for Device.

Student Pricing

There are various options to purchase the physial clicker and/or license. The S&T Store has a selection of clickers with a license available. You can also purchase a license for TurningPoint directly from Turning Technologies. Pricing options vary, so please check the S&T Store and the Turning Technology web store for current pricing.

Lost your clicker?

Lost clickers are often turned into the local academic department in the building they are lost in. After a few days, they are turned over to the Missouri S&T Police (573-341-4300). Replacement clickers can be purchased from the S&T Store. You will have to re-register your clicker in the LMS and notify your instructor(s) of your new Device ID.

If you find a clicker that doesn't belong to you, you can also turn it in to the Missouri S&T Police or the local academic department in the building in which you find the clicker.

Clicker Problems?

Clickers are fairly durable, but like all electronic technology, issues do happen. You can visit the IT Help Desk on the first floor of the Library or contact the Help Desk at 573-341-4357 if you experience any issues with your clicker.

For help with individual devices, you can check out the handy guides at the Turning Technologies website.

  • Getting Started with TurningPoint
  • Powerpoint Polling
  • Anywhere Polling
  • Self-Paced Polling
  • Migrating from Previous Versions
  • Sync Canvas Course with Turning Point

Getting Started with TurningPoint

Turning Technologies has some excellent instructions on how to get started for both Windows and macOS. If you have any issues with getting the software installed on your computer, please contact the IT Help Desk at 573-341-4357.

Powerpoint Polling

To get started with Powerpoint polling in TurningPoint, you can access the quick start guides for Windows and macOS. There are also video tutorials from Turning Technologies posted here for you to view.

Anywhere Polling

To get started with Anywhere polling in TurningPoint, you can access this quick start guide. There are also video tutorials from Turning Technologies posted here for you to view.

Self-Paced Polling

To get started with Self-Paced polling in TurningPoint, you can access this quick start guide. There are also video tutorials from Turning Technologies posted here for you to view.

Migrating from Previous Versions

Turning Technologies has released a new version of TurningPoint that better integrates with Canvas. There are some conversions that need to be made when using this new version with projects created in previous versions of the TurningPoint software. You can find guides for the migration of previous Turning Technologies files here on their website.

Sync Canvas Course with Turning Point

Please remember to synchronize your Canvas courses with TurningPoint.

To do so, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your Turning Account at http://instructor.turningtechnologies.com
  2. Scroll down the page to the Available Courses. IMPORTANT: Only courses which have been Published in Canvas will show up on this list!
  3. Click +Connect on each course to be synced with TurningPoint.

That’s it! You’re done!

Your course participation list will now show up in TurningPoint the next time you login to the TurningPoint application. Course rosters in TurningPoint are updated every night and are based on the current enrollments in Canvas.