Mid-semester feedback


Educational research suggests that mid-semester feedback sessions can lead to better instructor evaluations at the end of the semester. 
Seeking student input shows students that you are engaged and care.

Keep Students Engaged

 Most students have opinions about your class, and will freely share them if asked. This keeps them involved and engaged.

Schedule a mid-semester feedback session with us! We have streamlined the whole process so it takes around 15 minutes, and uses the student's own smartphone. 

Course Evaluations Spreadsheet Questions 

Make Course Corrections

With traditional end-of-course evaluations, it is too late to adjust the course to improve the student learning experience for that semester.

Through mid-semester feedback, you have an opportunity to incorporate their ideas and suggestions for improvement. They will see that their feedback leads to an improvement in their own learning experience and thus respond more favorably on end-of-course evaluations.

Get Higher End-of-Term Evaluations

 How Does It Work?

  • Sign up for a feedback session
  • Select your questions
  • We come to your class and administer the survey
  • We compile the results and send them to you
  • We can schedule a consultation to discuss the results, if you desire