Go here for the most current instructor information from the registrar's office. The registrar's website also provides current, previous and future academic calendars.

Curators’ Distinguished Professor and Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor are the highest faculty ranks in the UM system. These positions are equivalent to titles such as Regents’, University, or Distinguished Professor on other campuses. Any CDP or CDTP should be willing to offer advice or mentoring to early-career faculty.

These are prestigious positions, and only outstanding scholars with established reputations are considered. Each Curators’ Distinguished Professor or Curator's Distinguished Teaching Professor is a resource for the entire University system and should be expected to contribute to the entire University through such activities as giving lectures on other campuses and engaging in teaching and research across divisional lines.

Curators’ Distinguished Professors

Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professors

Go here for myVita, Faculty Insight, and the Comparative Benchmarking Suite.

myVita is a faculty information and evaluation tool with data sourced from institutional date sources and self-reported by faculty.

Faculty Insight and Research INsight helps find faculty scholars within the University of Missouri or externally, showcasing the word of University of Missouri faculty, and identifying and funding and honorific award opportunities.

Comparative Benchmarking Suite provides faculty productivity data; comarative based on discipling specific weighting of activities; externally validated and sourced.

CAFE did a comprehensive analysis of faculty development at Missouri S&T, led by inaugural Chair Larry Gragg. The report, Gap Analysis on Faculty Development at Missouri S&Thelped guide much of the programmatic decision-making for CAFE.

A short summary of information about Missouri S&T compiled from the Missouri S&T FactBook and various parts of the S&T web page.

  • 1870 - Founded as Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy
    • The first technological university west of the Mississippi river
    • Phelps county gets university with a bid of $130,000 to the state (beat Iron County)
    • Degrees include metallurgical, mining, and civil engineering; applied chemistry
  • 1874 - First graduating class of 3 students (2 civil engineers, 1 mining engineer)
  • 1920s - Expanded to include electrical, chemical, ceramic, and mechanical engineering plus physics and geology
  • 1964 - Name changed to University of Missouri at Rolla (soon changed to University of Missouri-Rolla)
    • Full range of engineering and science degree programs
  • 2008 - Name changed to Missouri University of Science and Technology

Information about promotion for non-tenure track faculty can be found on the Provost's website. 

For specific departmental policies, updated as of Fall 2017, please sign in to this Google folder with your university log in credentials: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B5gP_q8H6MLQSk4xekhwQWJjYUU?usp=sharing

Here are notes from the event Preparing for Annual and Third-Year Reviews.

Go here for information about the University of Missouri's web-based faculty reporting system through myVITA.

Information about tenure track faculty promotion and tenure resources can be found on the Provost's website.

Go here for third-year review documents and processes and here for qualifications for academic rank.

Go here for information about the University of Missouri's web-based faculty reporting system through myVITA.

Here are notes from the event Preparing for Annual and Third-Year Reviews.

The Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence can offer support for faculty interested in creating course-related video content. This includes--but is not limited to--instructor introductions, course introductions, laboratory procedures, site-specific videos (e.g. a visit to a research lab on campus), and more. CAFE works with both Marketing and Communications and IT Media Services to field requests for video content. If you would like to request the services of a videographer to develop content for your course, please fill out the form linked below:


SelectedWorks author profiles, which promote, share and preserve faculty research, are available to Missouri S&T faculty who have content in the institutional respository known as Scholars' Mine. Faculty can build an online research profile and make research easily available to others.

The profiles highlight faculty expertise and publication and have an About page that can contain information on career, education, honors, etc. This can also be linked to other pages, such as a personal page or a research center. Profiles and publications in Scholars' Mine give another avenue of discovery of research and ensure that results are optimized in searches.

An author dashboard provides readership information about full-text publications with various metrics.

Faculty can include buttons for "media contact," "collaborator" and "mentor" on their pages. The pages developed belong to the faculty member and can be taken with them if they leave the institution.

Library staff are available to create a SelectedWorks profile for faculty. To begin the process, please contact scholarsmine@mst.edu.