eFellows Grants - 2012

TIER 1 (awards up to $5,000)

Advanced Course Redesign for Blended or Online

Tier 1 is a full course redesign. Instructors may take up to a full semester to redesign a course from first principles, with the expectation that they will be delivered in the following semester. Courses may be delivered in an online or blended format.

TIER 2 (awards up to $2,000)

Partial Course Redesign

Tier 2 is an intermediate step between Tiers 1 and 3. It is smaller in scope than Tier 1, focusing on one or more aspects of a single course, rather than a full redesign. A Tier 2 project could eventually lead to a course redesign over time. Elements of Tier 2 can be introduced in the semester in which they are developed.

TIER 3 (awards up to $1,000)

Adoption of New Technology and Strategies 

Tier 3 eFellows projects are about the adoption of technology and the teaching strategies necessary to improve teaching and learning. Typically, a Tier 3 project only makes minor, but important changes, to an existing course, introduced over the course of a semester.

NOTE: Course numbers below reflect the OLD (3-digit) and NEW (4-digit) numbering systems, as S&T transitioned to a 4-digit course numbering system to be consistent with UM-System course numbering policies and practices.

Tier 1


Dr. Irina Ivliyeva

Associate Professor
Arts, Languages (Russian), & Philosophy


  • Russian 320 (now 4320) - Phonetics & Intonation


The Russian 320: Phonetics and Intonation course was offered as an experimental course twice (Spring 1999 and Fall 2009), receiving the permanent number in the Spring 2011, during its third run. The course is scheduled for the Spring 2012 for the fourth time and will be offered thereafter on a yearly basis. Based on the enrollment numbers, the course’s enrollment has increased by 300% in the last two years (Spring 1999 - one student; Fall 2009 – two students; Spring 2011 - three students, Spring 2012 – nine students) and is expected to grow. Russian 320 is one the most requested courses by the students and is the required course for the Russian Minor.

The Missouri S&T campus and the Arts, Language, & Philosophy Department are providing support, through the eFellows and Community of Practice Program, to develop a hybrid version of the course.

Tier 2

There were no Tier 2 eFellows grants awarded in 2012.

Tier 3

There were no Tier 3 eFellows grants awarded in 2012.