Course Evaluation of Teaching

NOTE: CAFE is not responsible for the creation of CET questions nor the collection or distribution of the CET data. The information on the is page is provided for informational purposes only.

The CET subcommittee of Faculty Senate has oversight over all CET-related issues. CAFE provides the following information as a service to faculty. If any of your questions cannot be answered here, please contact a member of the Committee for Effective Teaching.

An intercampus faculty council of the UM System compiled a report on evaluating classroom-based, online, blended, and laboratory teaching interactions, which can be found at Evaluating Teaching: An Intercampus Faculty Council Report.

Commonly Asked Questions about the CET Process

Download a PDF version of these questions and answers here: Frequently Asked Questions: Course Evaluations

For further information, scroll down to a list of department liaison contacts. 

The day after grades are posted.

Two weeks before the last day of classes.

Department chairs should already have access to the Instructor Evaluation web application. If you don't, then submit a Help Desk ticket at and ask that it be assigned to project management. 

Only the numerical scores, not the students comments, unless the individual faculty member makes them available. 

Evaluate this course, independent of the instructor's effectiveness, in terms of its educational value to you.

Rate the instructor's use of assignments and tests for facilitating your learning of the subject matter. 

Rate the instructor's concern for your understanding of the material.

Rate the instructor's preparation for class.

Rate the instructor's ability to communicate.

Rate the instructor's ability to stimulate and motivate you. 

Rate the overall teaching effectiveness of this instructor. 

For a course offered on campus, go through this link to update your questions:  then click "Edit Course Questions". Instructors can add up to three course questions through the Instructor Evaluation application. 

For a distance course, contact Global Learning, 

Email notifications are sent out to students and include this link to the evaluations: 

This is a mobile version link of the same website:

Summer courses are not automatically evaluated. Instructors must initiate this process by requesting it from the CET committee at least three weeks prior to the evaluation period. 

The CET is a Standing Committee of the Faculty Senate, and membership is listed on the Provost's website: For more information, visit the Faculty Senate webiste at

There are several strategies available, however, the option that is recommended by the CET committee is to allow students a few minutes of class time to complete the online evaluation using a mobile device. Another proven method is to do mid-semester feedback with staff instructional designers to let students know you are serious about receiving their feedback. For more information about mid-semester feedback, CAFE at In addition, Master Mentors are available to meet with you to brainstorm ways to increase response rates. 

Instructors are advised three times during the semester to validate their course listings. If you're still not listed as teaching a course, or if you are listed on a course that you're not teaching, then contact your department chair or department liaison (listed below), and they will contact the Registrar's Office for the update. Changes are strongly discouraged after the start of the evaluation period and require CET Committee approval. 

Contact your department liaison for the CET process to resolve the issue: 

College of Arts, Sciences and Business: 


College of Engineering and Computing:


Submit a helpdesk ticket to project management.

For on campus courses, submit a helpdesk ticket

For distance courses, contatct Global Learning,

Distance courses undergo a different evaluation process than courses offered on campus. Even a course that has both on campus and distance sections will be evaluated differently. Distance courses are evaluated through Global Learning, and will not show up on your list of on-campus courses to be evaluated. For questions about distance coures evaluation, contact Global Learning,

Not all courses are evaluated. For example, a course with only one student will not get evaluated. Also, a student might not be properly enrolled in the class. Ask the student if they have dropped, withdrawn from, or "wait listed" the class or if they have attended under "hearer status". If they have, then they don't get to do an evaluation. 

The student can also validate in Joe'SS that they are enrolled in the class. If not erolled, they need to contact the registrar's office.

CET Department Liaisons

If the information above does not answer your question, please contact your department liaison: 

College of Arts, Sciences and Business: 

 College of Engineering and Computing: