CASB Faculty Awards

Dear CASB faculty,

 I’m pleased to announce a new slate of faculty awards that are being facilitated and funded by the CASB dean’s office but have been created and developed by the CASB Faculty Leadership Council.  These awards are intended to be different from existing campus awards, and to recognize important contributions that faculty make that may be overlooked in other award processes.  Information about these awards is available on the Faculty Leadership Council webpage, and will soon be posted on CASB’s landing page.

I am so grateful for the excellent work that the Faculty Leadership Council has done to put these awards, and the nomination processes, in place.  Please take a look at these awards and consider if you or one of your colleagues would be a good nominee.  We plan to present these awards at the Spring 2020 CASB open college meeting in early May. If you have questions about these awards, please direct them to the Faculty Leadership Council email at

 Thank you,

Dr. Kate Drowne
Interim Vice Provost and Dean
College of Arts, Sciences, and Business